lifequestLifeQuest Alliance was born in the Chicagoland area April of 2009 by founder, Laura Menze, who was itching to get out of the corporate world. She searched for a life that would be more fulfilling and stumbled upon the world of coaching. She began taking coaching classes while working full-time and fell in love with coaching so much that she decided to incorporate a new business in April 2009, while working full-time, with the intention of building the business on the side and then quitting her job once the business grew to a sustainable size. However, the Universe had a different plan!

In June of 2009, she was laid off from her corporate job and became one of the statistics in the 2008 economic meltdown. While she began to grow her new business, she also looked for jobs and quickly found herself doing the splits; not doing either endeavor very well. While in the height of the economic meltdown, a decision had to be made. Either go for this new business or let it go and continue working for corporate America.

She took the risk and never looked back! LifeQuest Alliance grew and, while it continued to grow, she took another risk in fulfilling another dream of hers and moved to Denver, CO to be closer to the mountains that drew her in like a magnet! She essentially had to re-build the business in a new state and she did! She eventually split off LifeQuest Alliance into an additional Relationship Coaching and Matchmaking business called Ready-Match. She has walked her talk in making big changes, difficult decisions, and taking big risks, and she and her team can help you do the same!