About Ready-Match

dreamstimemediumReady-Match was born out of a desire to help personal coaching clients engaged in Relationship Readiness coaching find potential mates who were actually READY for a relationship. LifeQuest Alliance clients had done their work. They were on track for living the life that they had designed for themselves through coaching and were ready for a relationship after doing their relationship work. However, while they went out on dates and found potential mates who seemed to align with their desires, those dates were not ready for a relationship. The potential mate either withdrew from the dating scene out of fear and a lack of dating readiness or simply hadn’t done their Lovework to truly be ready to receive Mr./Mrs. Right into their lives. So, the client’s search began for a Matchmaker who aligned with the values of authenticity, compassion, understanding, and honesty in dating however, when clients approached various matchmakers, they were declined matchmaking services because, in general, they weren’t young, rich, and/or beautiful.

Frustrated for its clients, LifeQuest Alliance broke off it’s Relationship Coaching for Singles, added Matchmaking, and launched Ready-Match in January of 2015 with a focus on Relationship Readiness.

Ready-Match believes that everyone deserves love and began to focus on the unique niche of singles in mid-life who were READY for a relationship or READY to do their work to find and build and amazing relationship, and to be a part of a community of people who were authentically focused on relationships.