One Woman’s Thoughts on Men, Women, and Dating…

Crazy Woman DatingOne woman I know recently sent me an email expressing her frustration with other women in the dating world.  Here is her email:

“I have been on numerous dates in the last month. I am so sick of hearing how crazy and psycho women are. The things that women are doing to themselves on dates is just unbelievable. If I just heard it from a few men, I would think it was the men. I am hearing from all the men I go out with. Stalkers, free loaders, liars, gold diggers, dress like hookers on dates…… mean behavior, drink too much, do drugs, don’t look like their pictures, lie about weight…. Don’t know how to carry on conversations unless it’s about them. The guys all seem to have Post Traumatic, Dating Syndrome, PTDS !   I made that up….. So I come along and they can’t believe I am normal, yet, they think It’s going to be the same with me anyway, so why bother.  I hear it in their words and their actions. It’s so sad what women have done to men.

Hello? I know men are far from perfect, they have their baggage and drama at times, (very little compared to women. They don’t want perfect nor do they want to be perfect btw (by the way).

If you think all men are out for sex, you are wrong, many don’t want to catch any STDs and want to stay healthy….

They don’t know what to think about women anymore. Well, let me see, the last 5 dates, said they just think we are all crazy….. They want to find a LTR (Long-Term Relationship), but women are so confused themselves, they think there is no chance they will find a LTR anymore. How sad is that !

Wake up ladies, get your shit together before you date….. you are ruining it for us ladies who do have their shit together!

Guys are not stupid, if you dress like a hooker, they think you do it all the time for others, so a great guy isn’t going to approach you, if he does, he won’t keep you, knowing you dress like that.   Keep the hooker look for when you are in a relationship with him, not in public. Is what many have shared with me over and over.

I have also run into guys that have had LTR, over a year, and want to marry their girlfriends, when I asked them, how long did they wait to have sex, every one of them 3 to 4 months !  The women decided that and the men were fine with it. This showed them how confident she was in herself. Made her way more attractive and they trusted her more. I think I asked 6 or 7 guys. I knew them well enough to ask, they all know I am single and that I am a coach. They were more than happy to share their experiences with me. The guys that got divorced waited a yr and half or so, before they started dating. Smart guys… Women should pay attention to that as well. I didn’t date for over a year myself. I also studied, how to date again, improved some things I didn’t like about myself, since I had been out of the market for 25 years.” – Kimberly Zinn

What are your thoughts?

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