Relationship Building Boot Camp™

Relationship Building Boot Camp is for…

  • Couples who’ve been dating for about 1 year (+/-).
  • New couples who want to build a solid foundation for their future.
  • New couples who aren’t sure if they are a match.   They want to determine if they want to develop their relationship or part ways lovingly.

Relationship Building Boot Camp is about…

  • Changing attitudes and behavior patterns that you realize no longer serve your relationship.
  • Learning new communication skills.
  • Discovering ways to enhance self-care and couple-care.
  • Replacing reactivity with constructive responses.
  • Acquiring additional relationship skills.
  • Designing a vision for your relationship together.

Relationship Building Boot Camp includes…

  • 3 Saturdays, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, spaced every other Saturday.
  • Lunch for each couple.
  • Materials for each couple.
  • The book, “Secrets of a Soulful Marriage: Creating and Sustaining a Loving, Sacred Relationship,” by Jim & Ruth Sharon.

Jim-and-Ruth-SharonReady-Match is extremely proud to partner with Soulful Couples to bring you this incredible Boot Camp.  Jim & Ruth Sharon of Soulful Couples will be leading this extensive workshop, in conjunction with Laura Menze of Ready-Match, and have many years of expertise in counseling and coaching couples. They, themselves, have a Soulful Marriage!

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Relationship Building Boot Camp starts…

February 20, March 5, March 19 and is held at Ready-Match’s office in Broomfield.

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