Tru-Match Matchmaking™

dreamstimemedium_59317501Once you’ve completed your Tru-Match Interview, you will be asked to sign ourTru-Match Matchmaking contract and have an opportunity to choose your matchmaking package of 3,6,or 12 matches.

Traditional matchmakers provide a certain number of matches in a specified period of time however, we’ve found that this results in many clients walking away disappointed that their matchmaker did not provide them with what they were asking for but rather receiving ‘good enough’ matches due to the required time frame. This puts a lot of pressure on the matchmaker to find someone in a specified time period and results in dissatisfied clients.

Because Ready-Match will only provide you with people we truly think will match your needs, we do not guarantee matches within a specific time period however, we do our best to provide you with a minimum of one match per month. We believe this keeps us authentic in the matchmaking services we provide as well as happy, satisfied clients! So, once you’ve chosen your package and signed the contract, the search begins!

Search Process

We start by searching within Ready-Match’s own family, which is filled with potential matches who have been fully vetted for Relationship Readiness! In addition, those who have completed Relationship Readiness Boot Camp™, can be uniquely matched on their clearly defined Requirements, Needs & Wants!

If we are unable to find a Tru-Match™ within the Ready-Match Family, our search will continue beyond our circle through a variety of channels. Should we find someone outside of our family, we will interview them for Relationship Readiness and fully inform the client of where this person comes from and how fully vetted they are.

The Dates

Once we’ve found a match for a client, a simple date is arranged by Ready-Match matchmakers for the first date. (ie: coffee shop, ice cream, drink, etc.) Instructions are given to both parties regarding who will be paying, where/when they are meeting, what to wear, etc. No photo or last name will be provided to either party as we like our clients and their dates to remain open to finding out these things about their date in-person so that both of you have a chance at seeing the deeper person within. Feedback is required from both parties within 24 hours of the date and overall feedback is provided to both parties within 48 hours. A follow-up discussion will then happen with the matchmaker regarding next steps/refinement of the search.


Pricing & Packages


Tru-Match Matchmaking