Relationship Readiness Personal Coaching™

dreamstime_l_36753835Personal Coaching is one of three ways we deliver our life-changing Relationship Readiness Program.  This option is available for those who would prefer to work privately, one-on-one with a coach rather than in a group format. It is also perfect for those participants who want additional support in implementing all of the skills they’ve learned in the online or 3-day retreat versions of Relationship Readiness Boot Camp! After all, it’s one thing to learn these skills and it’s another thing to actually put them into practice! This is usually where clients need the most support and stand to gain the most confidence in moving forward and actually “Creating a life that they love and finding the love of their life!”

It’s a lot of work and a lot of change to remove 40+/- years of habitual thoughts and actions and replace with new perspectives, skills, thoughts and attitudes that actually work for you!

Laura Menze

Chief Love Officer

Laura is the founder and owner of Ready-Match.  She is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and is, not only Certified in Relationship Coaching for Singles & Couples through the Relationship Coaching Institute, she is also a mentor and leader for up and coming coaches.  She has been coaching clients since 2009.

Coaching with Laura

1 Hour               $229

4 Hours             $599

8 Hours             $929

16 Hours          $1599